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Why doesn’t Facebook let Pages tag people in posts?

If you are the administrator of a Facebook Page and you try to tag a person, Facebook won’t allow this.

Doesn’t this seem kind of lame to you? I’ve always been frustrated with this, but recently noticed this when I went to try it again just to check.

Facebook is inhibiting the growth of so many businesses by not allowing them to tag people.

At the very least, Facebook should allow Pages to tag the people that like the page or at the very very least the admins of the page!

I know their is probably some privacy setting or security protocol preventing this, but it really makes life difficult as a Facebook Page admin.


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WordPress Speed: size does not always matter

In the process of switching out a social plugin on our corporate website, I started getting worried that the new plugin had way too many files and was going to bloat out our site.

The old plugin had only 1 css and 1 javascript file.

The new plugin had tons of files and folders!

It turns out that it only added 1 extra file to our page load and is actually running a lot faster (and our social sharing buttons look a lot better)

So size and number of files do not always matter. Sometimes 1 file might be the culprit because it might be calling a domain that is bringing the entire site down. You just don’t know until you dig in and look!

If you are interested we’ve written up a great guide on WordPress speed optimization.


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As an internet marketer, going the extra mile, sticking out from the crowd, and doing something different is what really gets noticed by customers. Today we can take some advice from a humble sign spinner who tore it up in the rain!


Is SEMALT.com now considered malware?

I randomly checked out semalt.com today after finding it in my analytics (hasn’t been the first time) and noticed that Malwarebytes has blocked this website!  I did not manually add this block, so I am just assuming

A little further research shows people have been complaining about them:

Malwarebytes website semalt.com complaint

As well as several Hackernews discussions about blocking semalt.com and a Moz discussion about reporting them.

Personally I feel as though that they are a super shady company that relies on really shady tactics to bring in new customers and they just need to go away.