List of New Domain Extensions April 2014

There are lots of lists of new TLD’s and gTLD’s (aka domain extensions) out there but they all seem to be missing a few.

Here is our compiled list of new domain names from several sources including ICANN, Wikipedia, ENOM and a few more. By no means is this list 100% accurate and a number of these are not approved yet.

List of new domain extensions:



Was browsing through a few Google products the other day and ran across a few interesting ones.

Google product logos pretty much fall into one of these categories:

  • the Google logo with the name of the product underneath (most of them)
  • some variation of the Google logo (Google Play)
  • a completely different logo (YouTube, Picassa)

But then there are other Google products that just haven’t bothered to update their logo, a few of them using a very weird version!

There were a few more that I didn’t add because they are just duplicates.

Just one question: If Google is all under one umbrella, can’t the products use some kind of centralized logo on a server? Why can’t they just use google.com/logo.png or something like that?

Surely there is someone in charge of branding that cares about this.


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2014 Elite Strategies Adopt a Spot 

What a difference 1 hour can make.

Huge Success!


Why we love stripe: they let you skip the email signup process!


Google Image Optimization Quick Reference Guide for SEO’s


on SEO Outings

SEO outings have been happening more and more frequently in 2013 and 2014.

These SEO outings can happen for a number of reasons:

  • activism - Lots of SEO’s care about the industry and don’t like the fact that large scale corporations are violating the same rules others are being punished for
  • evil SEO outings - competitors trying to get their competition penalized
  • link bait - lots of people just want to get the attention themselves
  • backfired posts - some posts like the famous Rap Genius post was originally written as a “growth hack” but turned into a massive frenzy in the press.

Whatever the case may be, SEO outings are happening at an ever increasing rate.

Here are a few of the latest SEO outings on the web lately:

As an SEO, I run across shady link-building activities almost on an hourly basis. Normally I shrug it off, but when I saw this on Yelp’s terms of service I really felt as if an injustice has been done and it should be talked about. Sure, I knew it could potentially attract some attention for our own blog but I truly felt morally obligated to share what they were doing.

Overall I am kind of torn on the whole thing. I think it is a good thing that we continue to have open discussions about tactics that major corporations are using that might be designed to game the system. At the same time I think posts designed specifically to hurt another company is bad karma and should be avoided.


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Wishing our good friend and the Godfather of SEO Mr. Matt Cutts a very happy and healthy 2014!